Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Nights...

It's been a while since a post. Well, this 4th of July weekend was a blast. Full of family & friends, food, drinks, a little bit of merengue, and salsa.

The highlight I must say was the shopping and hanging with the girls. Took a little trip to Atlantic City on the train, which was kind of interesting. It was a close call on our way back. Had to run for the train since the next train didn't come for the next 4 hours. I guess that was my exercise for the day!

Lots of sales and lots of fun. I was forced to go by my best Jasmine. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a home body. But I'm glad I decided to go. Met up with an old friend from high school. Good talk and good laughs. Started the day with shopping and ended the night with drinks on the beach. I would recommend the Beach Bar in AC. Shout out to Tony! Thanks for all the fabulous drinks. We will definitely be back.

But all in all, I had an amazing weekend! Looking forward to what the rest of the summer holds...

Silent Tulip

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