Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

The weekend is coming to an end. But I must say, it was a very eventful one. I headed back up to New Brunswick to celebrate my friend, Kiitan's 22nd birthday. We celebrated at Penang, which is a Malaysian & Thai restaurant.

I know I am supposed to be trying different meals at different restaurants, but I decided to take the safe route on this one. So I ordered beef and broccoli with white rice. Yup, I know I could have gotten that from any Chinese restaurant.

Penang was more of a dress down restaurant. Our party was of course dressed to the nine's but everyone else was pretty dressed down.
Would I go back?
Probably not. It's the type of restaurant you only need to try once.

After dinner...

Brooklyn Bowl was our next destination. I was hesitant about making the trip, considering it was already 1 am and I had to be up at 6 am in the morning, but I manage to convince myself to go. I'm glad I did! Solange was a guest DJ. We met her and took lots pics! Check them out!
Hopefully I will embark on many more of these midnight adventures.

Silent Tulip

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Favorite Restaurant....

Every time I visit the Washington, D.C area, visiting Vapianos is a must. It is now crowned my favorite restaurant of all time. Or for the moment at least. I have my best friend/ boy friend to thank for that.

For college students like myself, this is the perfect place to hang out with friends during the day or enjoy a night out with your favorite person. Hey, you could probably do both. Not to mention, it's friendly on the wallet.

It's located right in the heart of Downtown D.C. It's perfect if you are visiting the White House or the many monuments the nations capital has to offer.
My favorite dish is the Chicken Alfredo. I get it every time I visit D.C.
Since it is an Italian restaurant, they also serve many other pasta dishes, as well as, pizza and salads.

But what I do like most about the restaurant is the decor. It's modern and charming with pops of color all over. Not only do you eat with your mouth but also with your eyes.

Amazing service. You are never waiting more than 10 minutes for your meal.
Food taste great.
The portion size is just the right amount.
The decor and environment.
Location, location, location!!!

Not a large variety of dishes